"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Skyler Penton

Skylar PentonSkyler Penton
Alabama School of Math and Science
Mobile County
Skyler grew up being a team player.  When he was 5, his father had a paper route and since his mother was working on the night shift, Skyler and his brother traveled with him helping roll and throw papers.   On Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, the entire family would work together to deliver the big Black Friday and Christmas edition.  This family tradition became a necessity when Skyler’s father began experiencing medical issues.  Skyler and his brother found themselves going to school in the morning, coming home to sleep and going out on the route at 2 a.m., returning home at 7 a.m. to repeat the entire day.
Skyler writes that he has helped his dad a lot over the years with his job and it has not always been easy or fun but he knew his father needed his help and appreciated it.  “Families are supposed to help each other whenever they are in need, and even when they are not in need, says Skylar.  It’s what families do—it’s how we show love and compassion and caring for each other”.
Skyler never lost focus on his school work maintaining outstanding grades.  He took the ACT 6 times to increase his score to obtain a scholarship to his university of choice.AD2014-1596
Skyler has over 300 hours of community service that include service work with the Key Club, cleaning the school campus, tutoring students at the local Kiwanis Club, assisting the Greek Church with events and  helping at the local Ronald McDonald House.
At school, Skyler works with the SGA to coordinate events for the students on campus as well as volunteering at the local retirement home with his Junior Beta Club.  He is a member of the Marching Band, German Club, Theatre & Drama Club, and actively participates in the Harvest Youth Group, Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Impact.
Skyler plans to pursue a career in chemical engineering hoping to use his education to help the environment by designing more effective fuel sources and combining chemical engineering with pharmaceutical research to design more effective medications.
Skyler has chosen to attend Auburn University and major in Engineering.   

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