"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Reggie Holifield

Reggie HolifieldReggie Holifield
Bibb County High School
Bibb County
In reviewing Reggie’s application, one volunteer reader commented “he has excelled in every area in a situation where he could have bowed out”. 
Reggie is a phenomenal musician playing guitar, drums, and bass as well as maintaining the sound system for his church music ministry.
He has worked with the Upward Bound Program assisting in its Gospel Explosion, Fall Festival, and the Bibb County Pumpkin Sale.  He also helps at the Montevallo Boys and Girls Club and the Cahaba Christmas Market. He provides tutoring assistance to peers and younger students.  His total volunteer hours exceed 1,000 while working with the University of Montevallo’s Upward Bound Summer Work Study Program to earn funds for school supplies and books.
At school, Reggie is an ASF Foundation Ambassador, a member of the Spanish Club, Honor Society, and the Bibb County and Troy Leadership Conference.
Reggie writes that his aspiration is to become a physician.  He states “he is part of a dying breed according to the consensus.  As a young black male in rural Alabama, it seems as if I am not supposed to have aspirations.  Few African American males around me strive or even set goals to have high academic standing, their fate is incarceration in prison, death in connection to gang and criminal violence, or a continued life of poverty”.Reggie Holifield2
However, Reggie’s family has instilled in him how to contrast the differences of need and want.  Wielding this insight, he understands how important it is to graduate not only from high school but also college.
After experiencing the illness and sickness of several members of his family have endured, as well as his own near death experience with bronchitis and lung problems as an infant Reggie believes that his life’s goal is to work in the medical field.
Reggie has chosen to pursue a degree in pre-med at the University of Montevallo.

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