"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Regan Gaskin

Since this summer began I have talked to a lot students graduating high school and college, and it has made me realize how blessed I am to have the Smith Scholarship. When I meet Ahrian at Desoto Caverns I had no idea that the scholarship she was telling me about would give me the chance to go to college debt free. I believe that this encounter was divine intervention because if I had not met Ahrian I would have never learned about the scholarship.
R.Gaskin2 Along with the whole no debt, I have an awesome mentor who is there for me. If I am┬ábored and just want to talk or need advice he is always willing to help. I have also meet other students who received the scholarship who have helped me so much. Last year at Awards Day and Boot Camp when everyone was saying this scholarship is like a family I brushed it off. Now looking back everyone from the foundation has always encouraged me, and even though things don’t always go as plan or someone gets upset (just like family!) I know in addition to my great family I have another support system/safety net.
Thank you to everyone at the Smith Foundation because you all have changed my life, and gave me the opportunity to reach my dreams.
Regan Gaskin
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Psychology Honors Program
Global and Community Leadership Honors Program
Psychology Club Board Member

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