"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Noah Estus

Noah EstesNoah Estus
Oakman High School
Walker County
Noah recognizes that his community faces both environmental issues with coal mining and a high drug usage rate.  Noah believes he can help his community by pursuing a degree in law and becoming involved with stopping the drug dealers that ravage his hometown.
The variety of opportunities for volunteer work may be more limited in his rural county than the city, but Noah regularly volunteers at a Food Bank, teaches children to play piano and participates in cemetery cleanup programs.
Noah served both as president of his high school and as a Lions Club affiliate. In an effort to help the visually impaired, Noah sold everything from brooms to candy to raise thousands of Noah Estes2dollars as well as volunteering with the Flags for Veterans program. He has worked to help his family pay bills and participated in school activities such as Boy Scouts, JROTC, Cross Country, Anchor Club, Chess Club, and choir. Noah received many awards for his leadership in these groups as well as honors for his writing. 
Noah has chosen to attend University of Montevallo to study pre-law.

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