"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Nicholas Preston

Nick PrestonNicholas Preston
Bibb County High School
Bibb County
Nicholas does not take no for an answer when it comes to his future.  Initially, Nicholas did not qualify to participate in the Upward Bound Program at the University of Montevallo and was waitlisted.  Nicholas called repeatedly asking when he could reapply.  He was eventually accepted because of his polite persistence, Nicholas knew that the social economic, racial and school dynamics were all stacked against him and he knew he needed assistance to not let his circumstances became his excuses.  Once accepted into the Upward Bound Program, Nicholas worked hard to utilize all the opportunities provided, all with humble, steadfast strength and resolve.
Nick also took on a part time job to pay his senior expenses.  He volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Food Drives, Book Drives, worked with the Boys and Girls Club, assisted in the Upward Bound Fall and Pumpkin Festivals, and Yard Sales.  At school, he made the honor role, received the Bibb County Citizenship Award and Troy University Youth Leadership Award, 1st Class Rank with Boy Scouts, Senior Elite, participated in the Spanish Club, Future Business Leaders of America, SGA, Bibb County High Service Learning Club and the Relay for Life.Nick Preston2
Nicholas pushed himself to prepare for college taking the ACT 8 times to improve his score; he took advanced classes and worked with tutors instead of abandoning the advanced diploma.
Nicholas wants to pursue a career in social work. He writes, “I live in a rural county in Central Alabama, and I have seen firsthand what happens to children who are in poverty or live in a home with financial distress.  I want to make a difference and improve the socioeconomic standards for children”.
Nicholas will be attending the University of Montevallo this Fall with his dreams set.  He is ready to achieve a degree in social work and help rewrite history.

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