"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Jacklyn Callahan

Jacklyn CallahanJacklyn Callahan
St. Clair County High School
St. Clair County
Jacklyn lost her mother at age twelve and became the emotional support for her father and learning challenged brother. Exhibiting great maturity, Jacklyn took on the task of being her brother’s tutor and pushing him to succeed at school.
While caring for her family she participated in over 240 hours of community service.  
At school Jacklyn was active in the Drama Club, Beta Club, Band, Special Olympics, Diamond Dolls, and the Color Guard.Jacklyn Callahan2
Both Jacklyn and her brother were born premature and she lost another sibling due to an early birth. These experiences have fueled her desire to work in neonatal care.
 Jacklyn says that her goal is to be the doctor that expectant mothers always request. She plans to go about achieving this by studying at the University of South Alabama.

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