"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Chieann Plass

Cheiann PlassChieann Plass
Mortimer Jordan High School
Jefferson County
Chieann writes “growing up in a family of 5 with a single mother and faced with the struggles of poverty is not exactly anyone’s idea of a fairy tale.  I do not feel like this is what life is about though; we are not here to make a fairy tale out of our lives; instead I feel we are here to make a positive impact based upon the positive and negative experiences we have faced in our past”.
Chieann would enjoy a chance to influence and guide children and teens in bad homes because she understands what it is like feeling stuck in a life of abuse, neglect, poverty and unhappiness.  She says her DHR case worker is her inspiration to become a social worker.
Chieann is multi-talented.  She enjoys singing and music participating in her high school band, receiving honors for musical excellence, best in class and most improved section.  Cheiann Plass2
She participates in marching and concert bands, theatre productions, Diamond Dolls, CSI, First Priority and serves as a teacher’s aide and concession stand volunteer.  In her church she sings solos for her church on Sundays and works with her youth group and serves as a dance team member.
Chieann is also an award winning baker, winning 2nd place in her school’s cookie bakeoff and fourth place in the pie and cake contest.
Chieann has chosen to take her skills and talents to the University of South Alabama and pursue a degree in social work.

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