"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Chandy Gordon

Chandy GordonChandy Gordon
Ranburne High School
Chandy is a survivor and a planner.  She works at a local grocery store to help support herself.  She had to arrange with her employer to leave mid-shift to attend her Smith Scholarship interview and she changed into a dress and heels she had placed in a locker in anticipation as she did not know for certain what day the interview would occur.
Chandy would be classified as homeless but for the generosity of her best friend’s family that opened their home to her over a year ago even though they were financially strained.  They even helped pay her graduation fees and became the family support she had never before experienced. 
At school Chandy is a featured majorette who taught herself how to twirl without lessons at age 9.  She has received Best in Class and Superior ratings at band competitions.  She was selected for the Cleburn County Youth Leadership program, makes the honor roll and works as a student teacher’s aide for 4th grade classes.  She is a member of Fellowship of Christian Danceline/Majorettes, HOSA, Spanish Club, SADD, as well as the Concert and Marching Band.  Chandy is active in her church assisting with the toddler class, teaching VBS, choir and drama team member.
Chandy has over 200 volunteer hours assisting in the Christian Service Center, Relay for Life, Community Action Volunteers and HEARTS.Chandy Gordon2
Chandy credits her teacher, LeAnn Robinson for inspiring her to become a nurse.  Ms. Robinson’s Health Science class gave her the direction she needed to excel in a class that led her to a career choice.
Her counselor says that Chandy is a unique individual that has captured both her heart and hearts of so many in her community because we see the potential that she has to overcome the obstacles in her life.  Chandy uses her life experiences to help others.  She does not attempt to cover up what others might consider the embarrassing facts of her life but rather uses them boldly to encourage others to overcome obstacles.
Chandy says she is determined to break the family cycle of alcoholism, addition and abandonment by attending college and earning her RN degree.
Chandy will be attending Southern Union or Troy University in the fall.

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