"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Anna Wilson

Anna WilsonAnna Wilson
Chilton County High School
Chilton County
Anna maintains a 4.00 GPA while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and at Number 115 Christian Outreach Ministries.  While working with the Outreach project, she realized all of the things she took for granted in her everyday life. This realization has taught her to appreciate the small blessings in life such as soap, socks, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, running water, and a soft bed.  She writes that most of the things she thinks of as needs are really just wants after experiencing how some people truly do not have even basic necessities.  She says this experience showed her that no matter what situation you are in, there are always opportunities to be thankful and generous to others.Anna Wilson2
Anna has over 300 hours of community service and strives to be a role model by singing in school and church and charity events. She is using her voice to inspire others now that she has had a trachea tube removed and learned how to speak again.
At school, Anna participates in Upward Bound, Computer Club, Calculus Club, Family Career and Community Leaders of America, Historical Society, SGA and the National Beta Club.  She has been awarded the Alabama Governor’s Youth Leadership Forum Award, Camp ASCCA Camper of the Week, Clanton Kiwanis Club Appreciation and the Community Service Achievement. 
At home, Anna helps her family by paying bills online and helping others with using the computer. Anna says her father’s tool-making creativity has inspired her to pursue a career in engineering.  She desires to use her education to develop practical appliances and devices to help others, with or without disabilities, which would give them the freedom and opportunity to live a better life.
If you ever think something is too hard to do, or that one person cannot make a difference then you have not had the blessed opportunity to meet Anna.
All of Anna’s achievements are extraordinary for a first in family scholar from a rural area. I would tell you that Anna is wheel chair bound, and has no use of her hands, arms or legs, and that she is a quadriplegic, but that is not the label that actually describes her.
Anna has already networked with professors and organizations to help anticipate the obstacles that she will encounter on campus and how to overcome the same.  She has chosen to attend Auburn University to study engineering in the fall.   

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