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Jordan Romine 2013 Smith Scholar- University of Montevallo

JR3One year ago today my life was changed forever. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was expecting results some time that week, and kept refreshing the Smith web page all Monday. All day I did not exit out of that webpage. Tuesday April 23, 2013 came, I woke up and immediately checked the smith foundation website (Like they were going to post finalist late at night or something). I went to school, and anxiously waited. Continuing to frequently refresh the website. I can remember sitting on my iPad during band (when I should have been practicing) just waiting. For some odd reason the school Wi-Fi would not let me check my email that day, but I could get on Facebook. I went on Facebook, and had a notification that Smith Scholar had accepted my friend request. I thought nothing of it, and still tried to check my email and refresh the smith page. NOTHING!

 It was the Tuesday of my last High School band concert. After school I went home, and sat down in the living room. Of course I immediately checked the webpage…. NOTHING! Then I checked my email, I had received this email at about 12:00 that afternoon:

“Hey Jordan,

Congratulations! You have been chosen as a Smith Scholar recipient!

Your designated school will be the University of Montevallo. I apologize because I know that you were leaning more 


towards UNA, however, the board of trustees feels that Montevallo would be better for you. We already have several students there that would create a support system for you. Also, if you do choose to accept this and decide after your freshman year that you really do not like being there, you will be allowed to request for a transfer. I really hope you consider this because you deserve this scholarship and the support that it provides. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Welcome to the Smith family!


AS soon as I saw the “Congratulations!” I was so excited, but then I read on to hear about my designated University. I didn’t know what to say or even think. I was so thrilled to get this scholarships, but I thought UNA was where God wanted me to be. I had EVERYTHING lined up for UNA! I looked over at my grandmother, and simply said “I got the scholarship, but I can’t go to UNA.” My whole family did not know how to react. I t was an awesome opportunity, but I planned to go to UNA. I showed up at the band room, and saw the look on Taylor Wilson’s face. She knew! Sarah Tingle had already told her!!


The next day I woke up thinking “what does God want me to do??” Advice was coming at me in every which way. I showed up to school, and saw Mrs. Rohde. I didn’t have to say a word. She looked at me and immediately started crying tears of Joy. This Scholarship is what we all had been praying for. I remember seeing Mrs. Lauren Archer, and she was so excited! However, I told her about the university designation. She replied something to the extent of: “That can’t be right Jordan.” It was then we tried to work this out by calling the director and pleading, but it was not what God had intended. I will never forget that moment when I saw that my counselor cared about me and was willing to do everything in her power to try and work this out. The genuine concern is what it takes to be the best guidance counselor!                       Thank you Mrs. Archer.

After realizing that I had to make the decision I prayed, cried, laughed, and experienced more emotions in one day than I had in a while. I decided to take the leap of faith and accept the scholarship. I was officially going to the University of Montevallo. Where I did not know a soul. I barely knew where it was. However, Mrs. Kathy McGough Ganey started giving me all kinds of advice about the campus and surrounding town. That truly did lift my spirits, and give me assurance that everything was going to be alright. 

Because of that decision my life will never be the same! I can sit here and tell you I am loving every minute here! I have been forced to come out of my shell and meet new people. Because of that I have made so many friends, I have been given the opportunity to lead with the BCM Leadership Team next year, and I have received a sneak peek of what my future holds while volunteering with Upward Bound. (Oh and by the way I am proud to welcome Nick Preston into the Smith Family!)

 So all this to say Thank you all for your prayers before I found out about this, and after as I took the leap of faith. God works in mysterious ways, but they are so much better than mine! I am confident that this is where God has placed me, and there is a reason I am here! — feeling blessed.


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