"Alabama Scholarships for Service, Not Just Grades"

Professional Seminar at the University of Montevallo

Fourteen Smith Scholars participated in the annual “Sweats to Suits” workshop on March 8-9, 2013.  Scholars took part in a personal traits/career selection test and enjoyed a fajita bar style dinner with games and gifts on Friday evening.  Saturday’s session was fast-paced and required active participation in Résumé Building with Dr. Nancy Bell, Professor of Management in the Stephens College of Business at UM.  Graduate School and Vista opportunities were also featured.  Lunch featured a business etiquette instructor who helped scholars learn the do’s and don’ts of dining with “the boss.”   Afternoon sessions included Interview Skills, Making Yourself Marketable, Impression Management, Social Media and Networking.  Mock interviews were conducted with Dr. Stephen H. Craft, Professor and Dean of the Michael E. Stephens College of Business, Angela R. Kelly, Director at the UM Career Development Center, Christy Millard, Career Counselor at the UM Career Development Center, as well as a Counselor at New Day Counseling, and Dr. J. William Hamer, Executive in Residence at UM in the Stephens College of Business and Co-Director of the Center for Professional Practice and former Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

Special thanks to Marion Brooks Brown and Margaret “Meg” Perkins Pepper for planning and overseeing the program and providing the outstanding oversight to make sure schedules ran on time and students remained engaged.

Copies of select handouts are available on our website.  Personal evaluations of résumés and online portfolios are still available.  Please contact your Mentor to follow-up on this program and discuss opportunities and planning for post-graduate degrees.  Juniors and Seniors, if you have not made arrangements for your suit, contact your Mentor before Awards Day.

Helpful links:  http://www.montevallo.edu; http://www.montevallo.edu/Career/; http://www.montevallo.edu/sss/

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