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Inaugural dinner celebrates Smith Scholarship Foundation

Birmingham News

December 26, 2004

Family, friends and trustees joined Mignon Smith of Washington, D.C., and
Birmingham for a dinner at Mountain Brook Club to celebrate the J. Craig and Page
T. Smith Scholarship Foundation

She greeted guests in the living room before everyone moved to the ballroom for a seated
dinner. Tables were beautifully decorated with pastel ftowers, mixed with yellow roses, her
parents’ favorite flower. Ray Reach Jazz Band played.

Longtime friend and Foundation board member John Grenier gave a tribute to her late parents
for their efforts in promoting higher education. The scholarship continues the family tradition.

Some guests were family friends through several generations. Larkin Martin, a fourth
generation cotton farmer in North Alabama, was there. Her grandmother knew Mignon’s
parents. Also, Robert Jackson of Clemson was a cotton business associate of J. Craig Smith.

Some ofthe family were Page Nelson and William and Cheryl Thompson from New Orleans,
Mignon Crockard and Michael Poyers of Wilmington, N.C. John Baring Came from New York

Among the trustees were federal Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn with federal Judge Tom
Martin from Kansas, Michael Choy, Judge Frank and Jane McFadden of Montgomery, June
Cunniff, Sharon and Albert Yeldell, Jim and Pat Martin and Angela Comfort.

Directors there included Louis and Marsha Anders, James Gewin, Stewart Dudley, C. Ray
Dudley, Tom King and Marsha, and Ahrian Davis Tyler, who is the Foundation administrator.

Other friends, relatives and associates included Steven Benefield, Axel and Lynne Bolvig,
Admiral Dennis and Lorrie Brooks, Eric and Debbie Breithaupt, Alston Callahan and daughter,
Kristina, from California, Donald Comer, Isabell Comer, Grace Ann and Clark Cooper, Craig and
Kirn Crockard, Francis and Paula Crockard, Frank Crockard, Harriett Crockard, Paul Crockard,
Jeanne Crockard, Myrna and Manny Goldstein, Mabry and Adam Guthrie, Stella Grenier, Tina
and Ray Holland, Everett Holle, Joseph and Angie Letzer, Capt. James McVoy, Ellen and Hobart
McWhorter, Harry Miller, Dennis and Mary Jo Murphy, Bill and Meg North, Phylis T. Paramore,
Pamela Parsons, Hunter Payne, Page Anderson Poerschke, Capt. and Mrs. Peter Poerschke, Ed
and Jane Selfe, William Craig Smith, Lt. Commander Edward Smith, Angela and Richard Smith,
Cora and Randy Smith, Daniel Sparks and Rhanya Malki, Linda J. Stephan, Andy and Barbara
Straynor, Pat Thuss, Frances Verstandig, John and Louise Wrinkle, Betty and Robert Yoe.

The J. Craig and Page T. Smith Scholarships will be open to Alabama public high school seniors
who have at least a C average and participate in community and civic activities or have
provided assistance to family members. Special consideration will be given to “First in the
Family” applicants, those who would become the first in either their mother’s or father’s
families or both to attend college.

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